Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adam and Audrey

This past month (March..ahem), found everyone enjoying the last of the snowy days in different ways. Audrey was ready for the snow to be GONE and so she spent many days snug inside working on a variety of projects.

Oscar received a one of a kind needle felted cat toy...

and Doris was given a new bed.

Adam waited patiently..well..not sooo patiently for his parcel to arrive. New snowboard wax. That couldn't possibly be a cat on the table. Not in my house. Not on my table. Yikes.

Can you believe that one of the most important snowboarding lessons is to learn how to iron. What a perk!

And so one more winter has come and gone. Thoroughly enjoyed but hardly documented. Ah well, spring is a time for new beginnings.

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