Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Perfect Tree

The perfect Christmas tree can only be found at Susan's. At least that is what my experience tells me. Finding this tree requires much searching,


and using a look off to see far and wide for where that tree may be hiding.

After being distracted by so many non tree treasures we came upon this spectacular tree.

This is the perfect tree...tall, straight, old, full and most importantly, everyone agrees this should come home with us.

It suits us just right, with a little (or a lot) left for some outdoor decorating).

Friday, December 4, 2009

December fun has begun

When your son arrives home with a gigantic carrot (a memento of a Christmas play), what should a parent do?

Welcome home Christmas carrot!....'cause carrots are festive, right?

This week has been filled with plenty of Christmas planning and preparations. Our house is beginning to look festive.

The preparations also include lots of gift making. Everyone is in on the fun, loving making something special for some special people. Hope the recipients love their gifts just as much.

So much more to come.

Monday, November 30, 2009

So much to do

It's time to think about Christmas. continue thinking about Christmas. The food in particular. Audrey helped make some molasses toffee.

It's time to start thinking about snowboarding.

Uhm... Emma taking advantage of an empty sofa (and pillow?). Weekends are exhausting for dogs. I guess.

I love the concentration of players on the bench, watching and waiting, trying to remember what their coach has taught them.

Oh the much practiced layup.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Picton Castle

Another day on another boat. This time we had the GRAND tour. We visited the Picton Castle docked in Lunnenburg for the winter. This is a cargo ship that is also being used as a teaching vessel. Those on board learn about sailing from hoisting up anchor (man power), to making and repairing sails and ropes. We were fortunate to have a patient guide and sailor who was willing to show us everything.

Really... every nook and cranny.

If there was room for a body, we went there.

The chain room was a particular treat as the entry was an opening in the cabin floor and going into this space meant we were below water. This is where the anchor chain feeds into when it is hoisted.

For over a year, this ship sails around the world carrying cargo and visiting ports all the while the crew is teaching new sailors how to work on a boat.

No work for us today but plenty of time for fun.

Monday, November 23, 2009


A weekend away with girlfriends. Time without schedules. Time for quiet mornings...

in a hot tub overlooking this beautiful bay (evenings too!). Of course there was PLENTY of good food and, most importantly, time spent with friends.

We found this ship looking for visitors at the harbour.

A weekend spent seeing new places, meeting new people and appreciating time together.


We seem to be out of the sick fog...perhaps. Only Andrew and Joseph have been sick. I am hoping the rest of us have avoided it for now. Adam has spent most of his week helping to prepare for the annual town Christmas play. He has spent hours painting and building sets and learning about the behind the scene responsibilities of a crew member. Dedication and commitment are not a problem for that young man.

With so much extra recovering time on our hands there was plenty of entertainment every day.

Joseph perfected his 360 spin. Even Doris came for the show.

While waiting for people to feel better, Audrey worked with Doris on her jumping.

With many treats in hand ( and in dog mouth), Doris was taken through the course over and over again. Such style and agility often seen in a dog.......could not be found in Doris.

Although she was happy to chase treats over poles not even the most tempting morsel was going to get her to jump this last rail.
She will definitely never be a horse!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Quiet Week

We seem to be at the beginning of our flu extravaganza. Not everyone is feeling yucky but it only takes one to keep everyone needing a little extra home time.

That, of course, includes a walk in the woods. Adam found a new path to follow which led to many fabulous finds including a deteriorating bridge and a faerie house (Joseph agrees).

So after time outside we were back to quiet indoor activities.

Games and obviously some knitting. He may not be feeling well but Joseph is always a willing model.

Monday, November 9, 2009

more wool

This is what becomes of more felting. I hadn't planned on adding flowers but when the needle felting bug hit, it just had to be done. Now they are really ready for the next step. Time for some sewing... but first, more felting.

Audrey made a beautiful ball. She worked on it all evening until it was done (a patient girl)adding colours and designs in all the right places. The next morning I came down to find that the cat had LOVED it and once she had deposited it onto the floor, the dog (Doris) LOVED it more until all that was left was fluff in every room. Dissapointing.You bet. Was she devistated? Nope. Time to try something different. She's just that good.