Tuesday, June 23, 2009

weekend celebrations

So.. this weekend required some preparations. Some happy sewing and cutting and fabric choosing. What could be better when thinking about a birthday celebration.

The result of this work was fruit fit fora king.....or toddler (pear not shown), and a matching game (or chew toy).


What would Father's Day be without a crepe made by Adam....and perhaps some fresh bread for a feast.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Grand Manan

The Willa Cather Cottage.
A very wet journey to get there, but Joseph was determined to stay on deck so not to miss anything... but he did miss his rain jacket which was in the car below deck.

After checking around our home for the weekend, it was time to dry off and play a few games.

The sun came out on Saturday and we were ready to explore, play some soccer, some miniputt (the best in New Brunswick), and more exploring.

A crab who knew better than to let us catch him.

A break for more games.

Time to head back to the main land.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Walk in the Woods

The best way to finish off a day.

Spring surprises. Ladies Slippers by the dozen.

A spot to take a break.

Lots to look out for and listen for. The ravens were particularly active and vocal.

Time to head for home.

This weekend began with Joseph heading ou for cub camp. All set and keen and ready to go. Waiting patiently, and waiting, and waiting....

Waiting is exhausting. He finally headed off for 24 hours of fun and challenging projects.

A successfuly adventure and the first sunburn of the season. Not to worry, cubs are always prepared......he had his sunscreen in his bag the whole time.

It Must Be Spring

Spring is about all things new and renewed, right? Like new kittens, new gardens, renewed flowers....and uhm... croquet...of course!
Introducing Oscar the ferocious feline. Well, perhaps simply annoyed with being on a leash.

Joseph's onions are doing well. Notice the chives behind doing even better.

Thanks to Audrey and Joseph and their weeding and weeding and weeding, we will have strawberries again this year.

Flowers are showing up everywhere.
Enjoy your spring!