Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I understand how enticing a huge pile of leaves under a tree must be...and how after one..then two jumps the fun just keeps going... and now she understands how important it is to land IN that pile of leaves, because if you don't feet can be injured. "It really was fun!", she says to the doctor. His instructions: stay off your foot, ice your foot.... stay away from trees. Okay, for now. Those trees are always getting kids into trouble.

Sugar, sugar and more sugar. There will be sleep at this sleepover.

Monday, October 26, 2009

In review

A week of Grandparents visiting means many milkshakes. Simply because when one stays at a motel where the restaurant serves only the best milkshakes there is nothing else that can be done but drink and savour many. It apparently doesn't matter whether it is 8:30 am or 5:30 pm. Those lovely ladies at Evangeline Inn will serve them with pancakes or a sandwich.......they understand priorities.

And so the week went with as much time spent as possible, being with family. Of course, there was a little bit of this..

and this...

but not nearly enough of this.

So, after saying goodbye until Spring, it was time to head back to this place. Why this place, I'm not sure but even on a rainy morning the fragrance and sounds of these woods are energizing and comforting all at the same time.

These girls understand.

With little sunlight and few leaves left on trees, a burst of colour feels like a treasure just waiting to be found.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

a day

It's haircut day at our house. Tradition is that when Grampa Jake comes to visit, the guys go to the Barber shop (they are getting harder to find!).

A visit from Granny and Grampa Jake also means plenty of time in the pool; playing, lounging, or splashing......Audrey!

Monday, October 19, 2009

something new

We woke one morning late last week to frost. I could use a few more weeks of warm but there is something magical about a morning frost. The world seem extra calm and still. Did something happen during the night and the grass is keeping a secret?

Something new...Steve...yep, Steve the Beta.

How about a fabulous new old chair that fits just right into a spot that has been waiting for a comfy chair for years. Many other chairs have tried to fill this position but none, until now, were successful. This one is it.

Wool sock season has arrived. The first pair commissioned by a pink loving (I guess), son.

As I turn to set my camera down, a foot away, this is what happens behind me.

Naughty but oh so cute. Every cat needs a ball of wool.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Books come to life

A few days ago, I commented on Shakespeare's play Henry V coming to life in my living room. Today we have Beowulf. Who knew playmobil characters would be so enthusiastic to participate in our reading of such classics? Joseph, of course! And so it goes, Beowulf confronts the fire-drake. This is to be his last battle. Years after defeating Grendel and then the Sea-Hag, paying a debt for his father, Beowulf dies only after killing the Fire-drake.

I think we may see some more reinactments in the future.

This was found at the beginning of our walk with our Homeschool group. A short walk but nice to get back together after a long summer break.

Wednesday wouldn't be complete without some equestrian adventures.

An evening on the farm.


The beginning of each week seems to begin slowly and leisurely in our house. The first day of the work week seems to be taken up with organizing what needs to be accomplished in the coming week, planning for how that will happen and, of course, grocery shopping. After a long weekend, this particular first day required some recovering from late nights and exciting days.

Apparently, today will be presented in reverse. Joseph spent part of his evening playing with Dad while Audrey and Adam were swimming. Make no mistake, playmobil is the activity of choice when Dad is playing.

I was happy running children to their various destinations..the mall, a friend's house, the pool, another friend's house, the grocery store (forgot something this morning), and a neighbour home from the grocery store but I love the moment when there is the opportunity to sit back and just enjoy what is happening around me.

Adam is selling his drums. This afternoon he set them up to take pictures of them for his kijiji post. He has decided music is not his passion and he wants to focus on snowboarding and sailing and biking. Okay....I guess.

Mondays, even if they come on a Tuesday, are great for reorganizing, rejuvenating, and preparing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The opportunity to listen to each other quietly and carefully should never be taken for granted.

This weekend begins with the long awaited rock climbing. An instructor willing to take extra time for three eager guys allows them to climb on their own for a full evening (7 hours).

After climbing for soooo long these guys needed a day of rest, however, only one day later they were apparently ready for another climbing challenge.

Thankgiving Sunday we (Trenholms and Steeves) headed out to Susan's for a walk to the rock face. The hike begins with a climb...
.and continues with a climb.

Our destination in sight, with lunch and a view ready.

Friday, October 9, 2009

grey day

A very wet and very grey day requires fun tights and Math (why don't they agree?), and harvesting the last of the tomatoes, and fresh bread....and a fire for happy dogs and...

..of course a walk in the woods. Did I mention it was a grey day?

Fresh beaver cuttings. Maybe we scared him off.

Basketball season has arrived. The first practice involves listening to rules.

Some practicing (sitting down?).

Some serious ball playing (he was just saving his energy). Yeah for basketball!